Photography – random shots


Each thing in its time, in its place

Another one for today…

The wavering shadows lay

I’ve been doing a few more small paintings on paper. I might do a few more before moving on to larger ones again. I need to paint more often. Not painting has become a bad habit! Also thanks to everyone for following this blog and liking my posts – you’re all awesome!


oil and acrylic on paper 8 x 10 inches  

Left us space here

  Another day another empty scene… Another Cork City street (Winthrop Street if you’re interested).

Empty Cork City

One of the central elements of my work is the lack of people in it. I started off on this weird theme of abandoned places some time ago by utilizing (appropriating/stealing) screenshots from T.V programs, films, documentaries, computer games, etc… I took inspiration from things like 28 Days Later, I am Legend, Call of Duty, … Continue reading

Featured artist – Jason de Graaf

I had to share some of Jason de Graaf’s work just because its (almost) too good to even be possible. Keep in mind these are all acrylic paintings on canvas… Incredible. Talk about an exercise in precision!

Kenopsia – a run through of works so far…

It is my plan to have an exhibition some time in the near future. I’m trying to build a solid body of work, possibly 50 – 60 paintings, with the working title of Kenopsia. I came across this word on a website called The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – which is dedicated to made up definitions. So for my … Continue reading

Featured artist – Boo Saville

“Boo Saville explores the symbolic and ritualistic images of human remains and archeological remnants.” – so says the ‘About’ section of her website. It also says her work “looks at the human body through the process of drawing and painting”. Although her drawings are pretty cool -her paintings are something else. Here is a pick of some … Continue reading

Featured Artist – Andy Denzler

Andy Denzler’s work is as if you’re watching an old VHS that’s skipping and jumping between home footage. The fragmented feel to his oil paintings remind me of a mixture between Ian Francis’s drawings and Gerhard Richter’s paintings. Very eerie in a beautiful kind of way. Touch Destination Distorted Face I No Man’s Land Into … Continue reading

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