Smaller works

I’ve been doing some 8 x 10 inch works on paper recently and decided to go a bit smaller (6.25 x 9 inch). These are more or less studies for larger paintings but I think the better some of of them may turn out I might frame them. Who knows? Advertisements

Last one… I swear!

This is the last one of my older works I’m posting. And hopefully less “Featured Artist” posts and more of my newer work. A few things have come up that have me back in the fold and painting again. But for now here’s an oldie.

Some more old work…

Out with the old – in with the new… and all that. Just for the sake of showing this stuff, here are a few paintings I did of Lahinch, County Clare and its surrounding areas for an art gallery there about a year ago. Three of those have sold since then and six remain there … Continue reading

16cm x 23cm

Some more ‘backgrounds’ done – 16cm x 23cm (I tend to jump between using centimeters and inches a little too frequently!). These are a little smaller than my previous works again. They are the best five from a bad lot as I often work in batches of these colour blends. Trying to ‘loosen up’ my painting a … Continue reading

Small works No.4

Not too happy with how this one turned out. A bit rushed. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

In the beginning…

My next venture is into smaller works – something I don’t really do. I’ve set the size to 8 x 10 inches and did out a few acrylic ‘backgrounds’ for each painting on paper. I felt it is time to get out of my comfort zone and break out the fine detail brushes. I’ll post the finished … Continue reading

Featured artist – Grzegorz Wrobel

Whats the best watercolour art you’ve ever seen? Whatever your answer is – forget it because its now the watercolour work of Polish artist Grzegorz Wrobel. I think I tried waterclolours before any other paint medium and as far as I can remember I wasn’t half bad at it. Come to think of it – the … Continue reading

The art of Alexandra Pacula

I have rediscovered a LOT of painter’s work and websites that I have saved or bookmarked over the past 3 – 4 years. So over the coming weeks I’ll be bombarding this blog with some cool stuff. First up is the painter Alexandra Pacula whose work is absolutely incredible. Think : being drunk in a … Continue reading

The art of Daniel Danger

I’m not into illustration as much as I probably should be. Every now and then I come across someone’s drawings that catch my eye. Daniel Danger is one such artist that caught my eye recently. His work is kind of freaky… in a really good way. These are just a few of his works and his website … Continue reading

Chromatics – more colour studies

Apparantly somebody actually came up with a conceptual model for colour theory and here it is: Wherein color harmony is a function (f) of the interaction between color/s (Col 1, 2, 3, …, n) and the factors that influence positive aesthetic response to color: individual differences (ID) such as age, gender, personality and affective state; … Continue reading

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