Photography – random shots


sanctum sanctorum

 Got some ideas on the go – maybe I’ll try mess around with more mixed media pieces.

Graffiti artist PHLEGM in Bantry – Co. Cork

Graffiti artist Phlegm (from Sheffield, England) painting two murals in Bantry – Co. Cork. His 2nd piece is called ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’.

In the beginning…

My next venture is into smaller works – something I don’t really do. I’ve set the size to 8 x 10 inches and did out a few acrylic ‘backgrounds’ for each painting on paper. I felt it is time to get out of my comfort zone and break out the fine detail brushes. I’ll post the finished … Continue reading

The art of Daniel Danger

I’m not into illustration as much as I probably should be. Every now and then I come across someone’s drawings that catch my eye. Daniel Danger is one such artist that caught my eye recently. His work is kind of freaky… in a really good way. These are just a few of his works and his website … Continue reading

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