The wavering shadows lay

I’ve been doing a few more small paintings on paper. I might do a few more before moving on to larger ones again. I need to paint more often. Not painting has become a bad habit! Also thanks to everyone for following this blog and liking my posts – you’re all awesome! Advertisements

Smaller works

I’ve been doing some 8 x 10 inch works on paper recently and decided to go a bit smaller (6.25 x 9 inch). These are more or less studies for larger paintings but I think the better some of of them may turn out I might frame them. Who knows?

Time forgotten

Time Forgotten, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2013

The realm of silences

Fresh from the oven. Its probably not quite done yet.

Last one… I swear!

This is the last one of my older works I’m posting. And hopefully less “Featured Artist” posts and more of my newer work. A few things have come up that have me back in the fold and painting again. But for now here’s an oldie.

Some more old work…

Out with the old – in with the new… and all that. Just for the sake of showing this stuff, here are a few paintings I did of Lahinch, County Clare and its surrounding areas for an art gallery there about a year ago. Three of those have sold since then and six remain there … Continue reading

Into the flood again…

I’ve gone back to the larger paintings. I’m going to try and squeeze out two over the next two days. Here are the two colour schemes I’m going for… Stay tuned for more!

16cm x 23cm

Some more ‘backgrounds’ done – 16cm x 23cm (I tend to jump between usingĀ centimetersĀ and inches a little too frequently!). These are a little smaller than my previous works again. They are the best five from a bad lot as I often work in batches of these colour blends. Trying to ‘loosen up’ my painting a … Continue reading

Small works No.4

Not too happy with how this one turned out. A bit rushed. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Featured Artist – Joram Roukes

OK – first off thanks to the new and the existing “followers” of this blog. Over the next few weeks I should be posting a lot more of my own work here, but there’s a lot of other artist’s work I have to share with you. So lets get that out of the way… This … Continue reading

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