Empty Cork City

One of the central elements of my work is the lack of people in it. I started off on this weird theme of abandoned places some time ago by utilizing (appropriating/stealing) screenshots from T.V programs, films, documentaries, computer games, etc… I took inspiration from things like 28 Days Later, I am Legend, Call of Duty, … Continue reading

Featured artist – Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry’s work has appeared over the past two or three years on numerous technology, art and painting websites and blogs – and here we go again. So if you’ve seen his work before… tough sh*t (although you probably loved it anyway and don’t mind another look). If you haven’t seen it before – feast … Continue reading

Featured artist – Jason de Graaf

I had to share some of Jason de Graaf’s work just because its (almost) too good to even be possible. Keep in mind these are all acrylic paintings on canvas… Incredible. Talk about an exercise in precision!

Featured artist – Conor Harrington

I’ve been a huge fan of his work for quite some years now. Most people into what has now become widely known as street art will know Conor Harrington’s work. People into painting, especially figurative painting, should be aware of him too. Conor hails from Cork, Ireland and fortunately some of his graffiti pieces are … Continue reading

The most astounding fact…

Neil Degrasse Tyson delivering an important message. You’ve got to watch this.

Featured Artist – Joram Roukes

OK – first off thanks to the new and the existing “followers” of this blog. Over the next few weeks I should be posting a lot more of my own work here, but there’s a lot of other artist’s work I have to share with you. So lets get that out of the way… This … Continue reading

Featured artist – Jeremy Mann

San Francisco based Jeremy Mann has quite a style of painting. Here’s a short piece from his bio describing his process: Executed on medium to large-scale panels, each exciting work demonstrates the artist’s unmistakable style. Working on wood panels provides a strong support, where Mann can utilize a number of techniques: staining the surface, wiping away paint … Continue reading

Featured artist – Boo Saville

“Boo Saville explores the symbolic and ritualistic images of human remains and archeological remnants.” – so says the ‘About’ section of her website. It also says her work “looks at the human body through the process of drawing and painting”. Although her drawings are pretty cool -her paintings are something else. Here is a pick of some … Continue reading

Featured artist – Sue Rowe

I’m not sure how I came across Sue Rowe’s art, but it definitely caught my attention. At first I thought the works were painted directly from photographs that may have been ‘posterized’ using photo manipulation software. I was impressed. Then I found out that these works were achieved through the use of multiple stencil layers that … Continue reading

Graffiti artist PHLEGM in Bantry – Co. Cork

Graffiti artist Phlegm (from Sheffield, England) painting two murals in Bantry – Co. Cork. His 2nd piece is called ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’.

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