Thank you everyone!

102 followers!! I know its a minor number, but for someone who rarely posts content, I am really grateful to have over 100 followers of this blog and over 3,500 views. So to everybody who follows, have recently followed and who have like my facebook page and have shown an interest in what I do … Continue reading

Sirius Art Centre

Hello Bloggers and non-Bloggers! This is just a shameless plug really to promote the Sirius Art Centre’s blog which I am hopefully going to be updating on a (sort of) frequent basis. An incredible space for artists to exhibit works, musicians to perform concerts and a variety of other events from craft fairs, demonstrations, talks … Continue reading

The art of Alexandra Pacula

I have rediscovered a LOT of painter’s work and websites that I have saved or bookmarked over the past 3 – 4 years. So over the coming weeks I’ll be bombarding this blog with some cool stuff. First up is the painter Alexandra Pacula whose work is absolutely incredible. Think : being drunk in a … Continue reading

Chromatics – more colour studies

Apparantly somebody actually came up with a conceptual model for colour theory and here it is: Wherein color harmony is a function (f) of the interaction between color/s (Col 1, 2, 3, …, n) and the factors that influence positive aesthetic response to color: individual differences (ID) such as age, gender, personality and affective state; … Continue reading

Rooted in one dear perpetual place

Again, this is an oldie (2010). I actually had this in my selection of works in our Graduation Show in GMIT in 2010. Because I still have it and because it goes well with the rest of the works completed more recently, I decided  to dig it out, blow off the cobwebs and do some … Continue reading

Alicia Dubnyckyj

Alicia Dubnyckyj’s work was shown to me about 4 years ago when I was in college studying Art and Design. One of my tutors gave me a book of Dubnykyjs’s paintings. At first I thought it was a book of photographs – then as I looked closer I realised they were paintings. Then as I … Continue reading

Rules of Engagement

For over a year now I have been living in Passage West, Co. Cork and for over a year I’ve been wondering how to get inside a premises to photograph it. The building in question is the Sisters of Mercy Convent, a big building, which now lies derelict with boarded up windows and a huge … Continue reading

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