Featured artist – Conor Harrington

I’ve been a huge fan of his work for quite some years now. Most people into what has now become widely known as street art will know Conor Harrington’s work. People into painting, especially figurative painting, should be aware of him too.

Conor hails from Cork, Ireland and fortunately some of his graffiti pieces are still visible around the city. Shortly after moving here I remember seeing a painting on the wall outside of a clothes shop called PrimeTime and thinking “that looks just like one of Conor Harringtons pieces”, not knowing that he came from Cork and then finding out from the store manager that yes, indeed, it was one of his. One other piece behind the same shop dates to 1997 and hasn’t been painted over by any other writers (despite a prime location) out of what I can only assume is pure respect.  Harrington’s paintings on canvas – as opposed to on walls – are equally as impressive.

Here is a mix of some of  his stuff:

Conor Harrington 2

Conor Harrington






His work deals with elements of masculinity – or at least the past vs. the present view(s) of masculinity. Check out his blog here : http://conorsaysboom.wordpress.com/


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