Empty Cork City

One of the central elements of my work is the lack of people in it. I started off on this weird theme of abandoned places some time ago by utilizing (appropriating/stealing) screenshots from T.V programs, films, documentaries, computer games, etc… I took inspiration from things like 28 Days Later, I am Legend, Call of Duty, … Continue reading

The realm of silences

Fresh from the oven. Its probably not quite done yet.

Last one… I swear!

This is the last one of my older works I’m posting. And hopefully less “Featured Artist” posts and more of my newer work. A few things have come up that have me back in the fold and painting again. But for now here’s an oldie.

Some more old work…

Out with the old – in with the new… and all that. Just for the sake of showing this stuff, here are a few paintings I did of Lahinch, County Clare and its surrounding areas for an art gallery there about a year ago. Three of those have sold since then and six remain there … Continue reading

Into the flood again…

I’ve gone back to the larger paintings. I’m going to try and squeeze out two over the next two days. Here are the two colour schemes I’m going for… Stay tuned for more!

Featured artist – Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry’s work has appeared over the past two or three years on numerous technology, art and painting websites and blogs – and here we go again. So if you’ve seen his work before… tough sh*t (although you probably loved it anyway and don’t mind another look). If you haven’t seen it before – feast … Continue reading

Some older work (to fill the void)

I will be posting some newer work here soon. In the mean time here is a small collection of some completely different work I did for a body of work entitled For the Birds. I had one exhibition featuring some of these paintings, gave up on the idea and fell back into my present style and … Continue reading

Featured artist – Jason de Graaf

I had to share some of Jason de Graaf’s work just because its (almost) too good to even be possible. Keep in mind these are all acrylic paintings on canvas… Incredible. Talk about an exercise in precision!

16cm x 23cm

Some more ‘backgrounds’ done – 16cm x 23cm (I tend to jump between using centimeters and inches a little too frequently!). These are a little smaller than my previous works again. They are the best five from a bad lot as I often work in batches of these colour blends. Trying to ‘loosen up’ my painting a … Continue reading

Featured artist – Lars Elling

I couldn’t get too much information on Lars Elling and his website gave me some trouble (probably my temperamental laptop). All I can say here is he is from Norway, had his debut as a painter in 1997 and … well, that’s all I know so far. I’ll let his work speak for him. Here is … Continue reading

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