Small works No.6

Another smaller painting – oil and acrylic on paper. I’ve been going through countless photographs I’ve taken of various different locations trying to find ones that would make interesting paintings. Considering that I paint them in ‘black and white’ (really colour and white), its difficult to find images with enough of a contrast. This particular … Continue reading

Small works No.5

  Another rushed one…

The most astounding fact…

Neil Degrasse Tyson delivering an important message. You’ve got to watch this.

Small works No.4

Not too happy with how this one turned out. A bit rushed. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Featured Artist – Joram Roukes

OK – first off thanks to the new and the existing “followers” of this blog. Over the next few weeks I should be posting a lot more of my own work here, but there’s a lot of other artist’s work I have to share with you. So lets get that out of the way… This … Continue reading

Featured artist – Jeremy Mann

San Francisco based Jeremy Mann has quite a style of painting. Here’s a short piece from his bio describing his process: Executed on medium to large-scale panels, each exciting work demonstrates the artist’s unmistakable style. Working on wood panels provides a strong support, where Mann can utilize a number of techniques: staining the surface, wiping away paint … Continue reading

Small works – No. 3

Another 8 x 10 inch painting on paper of a photograph I had used in a previous painting. It just fit the ‘flow’ of colours and seemed to create an interesting composition.

Featured artist – Boo Saville

“Boo Saville explores the symbolic and ritualistic images of human remains and archeological remnants.” – so says the ‘About’ section of her website. It also says her work “looks at the human body through the process of drawing and painting”. Although her drawings are pretty cool -her paintings are something else. Here is a pick of some … Continue reading

Small works No.2

Small works no.1

  First up in a number of small works I have planned…

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